Brevity is the sould of wit

Brevity And Me

People say I can’t do brevity.

Yes I can……………..!!!

(Polonius, act 2, scene 2 of Hamlet).

5 thoughts on “Brevity And Me”

  1. I once heard a tale about an English exam paper in which students had to respond on the subject of “Is this a question” to which one brave soul simply replied with “Yes, if this is an answer”!

  2. There’s brevity, and then there’s disappearing off the face of the earth…! I know, I know, you’ve been in Dover – but time to get back to your waffling now!!

    1. It was a test Alison Dr, to see if I was missed by a loyal reader!! No, it wasn’t, it was stuff. Stuff got in the way. Stuff is still in the way but I shall get back to “waffling’ (how very rude!!!!) very soon.

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