I have entered The Blogosphere!

I have entered the Blogasphere!

Hello! Er, hello, is there anyone there?  If I pull aside these thickset curtains, will I see……… Oh, hello.  Who are you? Have you accidentally stumbled into this portal or are you here on purpose because you know me, because you are curious or because you pressed the wrong button?

Well, you are very welcome, whoever you are.  This is my first ever blog post.  For some time I have wanted to start a blog and now, having stopped, “Attending to important matters of consequence,” (paraphrasing The Little Prince) which weren’t at all important, or of consequence, I have finally taken the plunge.

I have wanted to do this off the back of my website for ages but, being a child of the 50s, and still lamenting the passing of the dial telephone, I didn’t have a clue how to start.  I was quite good at talking Bollix on the subject though: “Oh, yes, I am going to be a blogger.  I will use a WordPress platform and a variety of social media avenues to ‘get out there.’ I’m no influencer but, doncha know, my every utterance will attract a world wide audience, for I have lots to say, blah, de blah, de blah.”

Yeah, right! I mean why do I even have a website? Bit pretentious, what?!  What product am I selling? What could I possibly have to say that would interest even those who are normally completely lacking in interest?

I guess I am the product.  I started the website some years ago on advice as I had started to give talks and presentations in the corporate world.  “You have to have a website.” “It’s the first thing people look for.” “Everyone has a website,” they said. 

So I got a website but, to be honest, I didn’t do much about it or with it. I struggled with the fear of non-comprehension and hadn’t quite worked a way through the inhibitors.  However, due to BLD (Boris Lock Down) and this terrible, pernicious Covid-19 pandemic, my mind became focused.  I came out my slumber and here we are!

Sophie Clarke has redesigned the website, which I really like, and this is my first Blog. So that it wasn’t lonely, I have put three other posts on pertaining to swimming, two of which were articles I wrote for H2Open magazine, which is now called Outdoor Swimmer.  Outdoor swimmer is a great magazine founded by Simon Griffiths. It covers everything to do with open water swimming and is a must read for enthusiasts worldwide.

Right, so what am I going to write about?  Will it just be all about swimming or, my first and true sporting love, running?  Will I be posting intellectual, politically motivated rants (nope)? Will I be controversial (no – well not intentionally!)?  I’m just going to run with it and see what happens. At least once a week, I’ll blog about anything that interests me at a particular time, post some photos, have some fun, muck about and generally stumble my way through.  It would be great to have you along for the ride.  Meanwhile, take care and stay safe out there.

7 thoughts on “I have entered The Blogosphere!”

  1. Excellent Cliff. We really enjoyed your BBB WhatsApp group daily summary during BLD and you clearly have a talent for writing and speaking in an informative and entertaining way. I’d like to promote your website and blog via the radio show if that’s alright with you? We’ve identified a way using a resource called ‘Cleanfeed’ to get better quality remote interviews so if you’d like to do a quick 2-minute chat for broadcast then message me your email address. All the best. Paul & Clare

  2. Fantastic! This is sure to be a very exciting addition to the world’s cache of literature, Cliff. Thanks for inviting me along on your journey. I may never understand why you insist that the evil practice of running holds a candle in your heart next to the nirvana of open water swimming, but I’ll be here to learn. From when I heard your speech in a seminar and you first inspired me that I could tackle the challenge of my life (so far) in swimming the Channel, I have admired your ability to captivate an audience and spin a tale worth filing away and remembering for its heart and wisdom. No pressure then on what you create in this blog!

    Have at it – we eagerly await your wit and wisdom!

    1. Cliffy..simply loving your website wishing you every success and like many others will look forward to reading your blogs..big squeezy virtual Sossie xxxx

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